Panel Discussion on “New Beginning towards building a Sustainable Society: Critically Unpacking the New Normal”


Dr. Seema Goburdhun
Head – Social Studies Department
School of Arts and Humanities
Mauritius Institute of Education

Creating communities and societies that are socially, culturally, economically, politically, and ecologically sustainable is challenging given the variance in conceptualized worldviews. The recent pandemic has unleashed unprecedented unimaginable changes globally within all spheres and levels of society alongside existing crises. What is the new normal? How is it being conceptualized? Why is it being conceptualized in the way that it is? Who decides on the way forward? Viewed through the disciplinary perspectives of Social Sciences, the panel will attempt to address some of these questions as it critically unpacks the “new normal”, its conceptualizations, and proposes the ways forward for the creation of a sustainable society.

Publication Workshop on “How to Overcome the Challenges in Publishing Your Research Article”


Prof. Sergio AdornoProf. Sergio Adorno
Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences
University of Sao Paulo

Publication of a research article in a reputed journal has become a challenge in the present. Therefore, authors need to know how to satisfy the main expectations of the editors and reviewers of a journal. Dr. Sergio will be discussing how to make academic research more accessible and how to overcome certain issues that are faced by authors in preparing and submitting their manuscripts to the publication outlets. The participants can clear their doubts on publishing their articles at the end of the workshop during the Q & A session.

Prof. Sergio currently (since 2004) serves as Professor of Sociology at the FFLCH – Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences of the University of Sao Paulo, Scientific Coordinator of the Center for the Study of Violence – USP (1990-present), Consultant at the CSP – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Public Health Journals – Fiocruz, Commander of the National Order of Scientific Merit, Member of the Advisory Board of the scientific journal Passagens: Revista Internacional de História Política e Cultura Jurídica of the Graduate Program in History of the Fluminense Federal University, Member of the Scientific Committee of the ANPG Journal: Science, Technology and Educational Policies, institutional scientific journal of the ANPG – National Association of Graduates, Responsible for the UNESCO Chair Education for Peace, Human Rights, Democracy and Tolerance, Scientific Coordinator of the CEPID/FAPESP USP Project called “Building Democracy Daily: Human Rights, Violence and Institutional Trust” (2013-2018) and many more.

Publication Workshop on “How to prepare papers for publication in scientific journals?”

The workshop intends to address and discuss the main criteria, requirements and recommendations for publication of original manuscripts in scientific journals in the field of social sciences and humanities.