ICOSS 2020 will consist of three (03) interactive roundtables for all participants of the conference. These have always been a fantastic occasion to share opinions and knowledge about different topics in social sciences, that we all, one way or another, get to face. Each round table will be facilitated by a moderator, allowing the participants to engage, share their experiences and be inspired by the learnings and challenges of others.

The roundtables will give everyone a chance to meet new people and interact with the attendees at each of the tables to address new topics. Participants are encouraged to select their tables according to their interests.

Topic 1 – Where to now? Contemporary conflict and the future of peace

Individuals, communities, transnational criminal organizations, and terrorist networks impact operations like never before.  This discussion will discuss emerging issues in complex situations providing practical insights and raises key questions for research on conflict resolution in a transforming world system.

Topic 2: Crisis management and human rights

The most serious human rights violations occur in connection with wars and other armed violence. Eradication of human rights violations and support for the rule of law development are therefore among the central goals of crisis management. The roundtable engages in dialogue and discussion to possible new means to promote human rights during such situations

Topic 3: Social and Community Development

Community development seeks to improve quality of life. Effective community development results in mutual benefit and shared responsibility among community members. This round table aims at building community capacity in order to address issues and take advantage of opportunities, find common ground and balance competing interests. Such development recognizes:

  • the connection between social, cultural, environmental and economic matters
  • the diversity of interests within a community
  • its relationship to building capacity

Round Table Agenda 

  1. Welcome and introduction by the moderator. (03 mins)
  2. Introducing participants. ( 02 mins)
  3. Identifying areas of common interest in the topic. Brainstorming possible topics that can be discussed and selecting the top three topics. (15 mins)
  4. Each member shares ideas and suggestions or experiences that relate to topic 1, 2 and 3. (45 mins)
  5. Presenting the discussed points and the outcome of each round table by the moderator to all audience in the conference hall. (10 mins)


All conference participants are invited to these round table discussions.

Limited seats are available. Please register for one of the registration tables and reserve your seat.

Date: 18th September 2020
Time: 14:30 ‐ 16:00
Audience: All Conference Participants

This is Complimentary for all the Conference Participants. Please make sure to register here to reserve your seat



Workshop on Scholarly Publications

Dissemination of research findings is an essential part of the scientific research process.  Hence, it is of utmost importance for a researcher who is writing a full paper with the aim of publishing in a reputable journal or in a reputable proceeding.  Furthermore, getting a paper published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal or proceeding is an important milestone for researchers.

Through the publication workshop, we intend to disseminate knowledge on writing scientific papers and scholarly publications to assist future researchers.  All conference participants are welcome to participate in this workshop.

Date: 18th September 2020
Time: 14:30 ‐ 16:00
Audience: All Conference Participants


“Stepping to 2021: The Next Chapter of ICOSS”

A workshop will be arranged by the Conference Chair to discuss the outcomes and get the feedback of the Conference. Participants can share their experiences of attending the conference and express their ideas on areas to be improved in the future.

Moreover, the plans to be executed when organizing for ICOSS 2021  will be discussed during the workshop providing an opportunity for participants to share their views and voice their suggestions in terms of the conference theme, conference tracks, venue, dates, keynote speakers, partners featured events and any other applicable areas. The workshop will provide an insight to deliver the future conferences in a fruitful way with the outputs received by the Conference Chair, Keynote Speakers, Participants, and Organizers.

Date: 17th September 2020
Time: 17:00 – 18:00
Audience: All Conference Participants


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Prof. Steven Ratuva
University of Canterbury
New Zealand