Workshop on Scholarly Publication

Writing for academic journals/scholarly publication is a highly competitive and skill based activity, and it’s important to understand that there could be several reasons behind a rejection. Furthermore, the journal/scholarly publication peer-review process is an essential element of research because no writer could identify and address all potential issues with a manuscript. Addressing that, Division of Publication of the International Institute of Knowledge Management, Sri Lanka have arranged a workshop on Scholarly Publication aiming to provide the maximum benefits to the participants.

  • Open for: All participants of the conference
  • Venue: Conference Venue
  • Date: 21st of September, 2017

Resource Personalities:

Prof. Kalinga Tudor Silva

Kalinga Tudor Silva

Joint Editor of the Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences published by the National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka.
Member of the Board of Study of Social Sciences, Post Graduate Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
Member of the Board of Study of the Faculty of Social Sciences, South Asian University, Delhi.

Prof. Sirimevan Colombage

Prof. Sirimevan Colombage, Ph.D. Econ. (Manchester)

Emeritus Professor in Economics, Open University of Sri Lanka,
Member of the Working Committee on Social Sciences of National Science Foundation, and Co-Editor of Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences,
Member of the review panels of Sri Lanka Journal of Economic Research, Central Bank Staff Studies and Open University Journal.