oral presentation - live zoom presentation‚Äč

  • Opportunity to do a Live Zoom Presentation at the Conference.

  • Each Presenter will get 15 Minutes to do their Presentation (PPT is Recommended).

  • Each Presenter will have 05 Minutes for Q&A Session.

oral presentation - pre recorded video option

  • This Option is for the Participants who would like to Record the Presentation and play it than Presenting Live at the Conference.

  • The Presenter should record the 15 Minutes Video Presentation and send it to us. (The Video should be 15 minutes or Lesser).

  • The Organizing Committee will play the Video in your Presentation Slot.

  • The Presenter should be present during your presentation slot, especially for the Q&A Session (05 Minutes Q&A).

poster presentation

  • Each Poster will be displayed at the Conference for 03 Minutes.

  • Posters should be one page PowerPoint Slide/PDF/Image to be shown in Zoom.

  • All Posters will be uploaded on the Conference Website before the conference for all the participants to download or go through it.

  • The poster should be sent to the Conference Committee by 01st September, 2022

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