Call for Papers

You are welcome to send your research abstract to The 5th International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS 2018) which will be held on 20th – 21st September 2018 under the theme “Global Harmony and co-existence through International Dialogues”.
The social science focuses the learning on human and identify root causes of society’s problems and find more effective solutions while examine the relationships among groups and individuals of the society. Covering wide spectrum of disciplines social science provide insights to the particular fields by analyzing effective data. The social sciences create solid solutions for the world’s raised issues by scanning the context and history of the particular field. Playing significant role of the international arena this precious subject addresses for bringing the world to the peak of the human survival giving birth to international collaborations and dialogues. Diplomatic and international affairs have been recognized as the highly effective way to make fruitful solutions for emphasized issues and challenges in the current world.
Researchers, academicians, social workers, policy makers and other stakeholders are welcome to submit your original research papers to the 4th International Conference on Social Sciences 2017 which brings the disciplines towards the better society. ICOSS 2018 is a podium for raising voice to overcome the barriers while exercising emerging ways to identify the challenges in the context by joining hands, gathering together and networking.

We invite to send your original research abstracts, case studies formatted to given format in the Abstract submission Guidelines before the Abstract submission deadline. All research papers will be evaluated by international recognized scholars in a double blind reviewing process and research papers will be selected according to the international research standard. All the accepted research papers/abstracts will be eligible to be presented at the conference and they should register on or before the final registration deadline.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to,

Diplomatic and International affairs
  • Political Economy
  • Cultural studies as a constitutive field
  • Environmental governance
  • Terrorism and Global Issues
  • Cultural Diplomacy and Regional Studies
  • Human rights in global perspective
  • Foreign Policy and Crisis Management
Diplomatic and International affairs
Economic and community development
Law and social justice
Social Science and Social Media
Cross-cultural studies
Social and community development
Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
Globalization and Sustainable Development
Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
Sexuality, Gender, Families
Role of Nongovernmental Organizations
Theology, Religion, Spirituality
Diplomatic and International affairs
Sociology: concepts and practices
Research methodologies involving ‘human subjects
Social transformations: structure and agency in social dynamics
Developed and developing worlds
Management as social science
Human Resource Management
Communication Studies and Media Studies
Psychology and philosophy
Environmental and Physical Geography
History and Historiography
Law and Justice
Diplomatic and International affairs
Public Administration
Political Science and Sociology
Development Studies
Demography and Family Planning
Global security, Law and its Implications
Poverty and Global Justice
Women and Gender Equality
Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education