All accepted abstracts for 5th International Conference on Social Sciences 2018 will be published in the conference abstract book with an associated ISBN (978-955-3605-08-5). All full papers will be reviewed through a double blind reviewing process and published electronically with an ISSN (2357 – 268x) in the proceedings with a DOI Number (DOI prefix: 10.17501).

We will submit the proceedings for possible indexing in Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS and Google Scholar.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication

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Papers presented (oral presentations, virtual presentations and poster presentations) during the 5th International Conference on Social Sciences 2018 will have the opportunity to be considered for publication in the following journals. Those that are considered to be appropriate for publication after peer review will be published for free of charge.

Social Forces

Print ISSN : 0037- 7732
Online ISSN : 1534- 7605
Special Issue : No
Editor in Chief/s : Arne L. Kalleberg
Impact Factor : 2.113
Journal Link>>

Indexed in : Thomson Reuters

Asia Pacific Translation & Intercultural Studies


Online ISSN: 2330-6351
Editor in Chief: Luo Xuanmin
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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Peer Reviewed Journal Publication

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