1.5L,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,30,/ludibrious4416650.html,$25,TILLKIYA,1800W,Capacity,Anti-Scalding,Layer,Double,Large,thesocialstudies.co 1.5L,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,30,/ludibrious4416650.html,$25,TILLKIYA,1800W,Capacity,Anti-Scalding,Layer,Double,Large,thesocialstudies.co $25 TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Double Layer Anti-Scalding 30 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $25 TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Double Layer Anti-Scalding 30 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Layer Challenge the lowest price Anti-Scalding Double 30 TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Layer Challenge the lowest price Anti-Scalding Double 30

TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Layer Gorgeous Challenge the lowest price Anti-Scalding Double 30

TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Double Layer Anti-Scalding 30


TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Double Layer Anti-Scalding 30

Product description

Double-layer anti-scalding, and the outer layer is made of high-temperature food-grade PP material to prevent scalding.
Food grade 304 stainless steel inner tank ensures the quality and safety of drinking water, is not easy to rust, anti-scaling, no peculiar smell, easy to clean.
With high power of 1800W, the energy-concentrating heating ring is evenly heated from bottom to top, which makes the water boil quickly and greatly reduces the heating time.
Imported thermostat is used to accurately control the temperature to ensure complete boiling, and automatically cut off the power when the water is boiling.
Large capacity of 1.5L, one-time boiling can meet the drinking water needs of multiple people.

TILLKIYA 1800W 1.5L Large Capacity Double Layer Anti-Scalding 30

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