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Indianapolis Challenge the lowest price Mall lifcasual Sofa Wood Table

lifcasual Sofa Table,Wood


lifcasual Sofa Table,Wood

Product description

Overall Size:28*22*24"H
Package Size:24.8*30.9*10.25
Product Weight:18.5 kg
Package Weight:23 kg
Weight Capacity:250 lbs
Product Name:Schreibtisch/Esstisch mit 4 Schubladen
Product Color:Brown
Material:Solid Wood+MDF
Assembly Required:30 mins
Additional Tools Required:All tools included
Product Warranty:1 year
Package Include:Sofa table*1,Screw accessories package*1 ,Installation drawings*1

lifcasual Sofa Table,Wood


Enabling sustainability through market intelligence

YnFx has been empowering textile companies globally for over 20 years by delivering reliable textile market intelligence services. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to re-imagine the textile industry that is currently driven by ‘unsustainable’ developments affecting the planet and the life on it. And as a response to this, YnFx dedicated its journey and mission to enable sustainability in textiles through knowledge.

We help you make significant headway on your sustainable journey

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The reality

From wastage of resources to unfair labour practices, the unsustainable ways of production and consumption in the textile industry are threatening the future of our planet and the life on it. And as a response to these problems, we pledge to foster sustainability in this industry. Join us to start your journey.

20,000 litres

is the amount of water consumed to produce one kilogram of cotton; equivalent to the amount a person drinks in 15 years.

1.2 billion tons

is the amount of total greenhouse gases that are emitted globally due to textiles production every year​.


of all the chemicals in the world are consumed by the textile industry.


of textile waste that ends up on landfills every year could actually be recycled

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YnFx is one of the world’s premier and most trusted textile platforms since 1998 that empowers companies in global textile markets to gain a competitive edge by delivering authentic and timely textile market information.

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The report we purchase helps give us visibility in the market place. It enables us to make decisions on our purchases for the future and challenge suppliers.
Colette Parry Gannon
Group Purchasing Director, James Dewhurst Ltd

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