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Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake 1g with Ranking TOP10 Sug 30g Gifts of

Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake with 30g of Protein 1g of Sug


Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake with 30g of Protein 1g of Sug

Product description

Flavor Name:Chocolate w/ Caffeine

Ensure Max Protein nutrition shakes provide targeted nutrition to help you stay healthy, active, and energetic. Each delicious ready-to-drink shake has 30g of high-quality protein to help keep muscles strong and satisfy hunger. Ensure Max Protein also has 150 nutritious calories, plus 25 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and D, zinc, and antioxidants (vitamins C and E) to support immune health. From Ensure, the #1 doctor-recommended brand.† Enjoy our new flavors, Creamy Strawberry and Milk Chocolate with Caffeine—with 100mg of caffeine, as much as a cup of coffee.* This product is gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance.‡ * 8 fl oz (1 cup) of coffee = 100 mg caffeine. † Among doctors who recommend liquid nutritional products to their patients. ‡ Not for people with galactosemia. § In select stores. The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) name is a service mark of the US Department of Agriculture. USDA does not endorse any goods, services, or enterprises.

From the manufacturer

Ensure Max Protein Ensure High Protein Ensure COMPLETE Ensure Plus Ensure Original
Main Goal/Benefit Nutrition with 30g of protein to help build muscle and satisfy hunger, and 1g of sugar High-protein, low-fat nutrition for people who need protein but may not want additional calories Complete, balanced nutrition with 30 grams of protein Complete, balanced nutrition and additional* calories to help gain weight Complete, balanced nutrition for everyday health
Serving Size 1 carton (330 mL) 1 bottle (237 mL) 1 bottle (296 mL) 1 bottle (237 mL) 1 bottle (237 mL)
Protein 30g 16g 30g 16g 9g
Calories 150 160 350 350 220
Vitamins amp; Minerals 25 27 25 27 27
Flavors Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla, Creamy Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Cafe Mocha with caffeine, and Milk Chocolate with caffeine Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Creamy Caramel, Strawberry Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Dark Chocolate, Banana Nut, Coffee Latte

Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake with 30g of Protein 1g of Sug

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