Welcome Message from the Conference Chair

Prof. Tim Allender

I would like to wish you a very warm welcome from ICOSS 2017. As this conference is situated in Asia it offers very exciting potential for future research, publications and collaboration. This is because our Asian domain presents strong possibilities for beneficial global change in the future at a time when parts of Europe and the US are retreating behind national boundaries and nationalist political rhetoric.

Large and small Asian countries now have the opportunity to lead the world on key matters such as climate change, renewable energy and sustainable work, as well as agricultural and trading community practices. Furthermore, emerging scholars in our region have a crucial role to play in this strategic positioning towards Asia. Their research trajectories offer the information and the rationale for solid and sustainable policy formation in the future that also respects human rights, the rights of women, education, food security and nutrition sustainability.

This conference is deliberately broadly based around these themes because they engage many research paradigms and approaches from multiple disciplines. The research tracks on this website will give you a more specific indication of possible avenues of inquiry that we hope will engage your interest and your passions for a better world. Our conference is designed to be warm, welcoming and inclusive, where beginning scholars in particular feel valued and supported as they interact with other delegates. I hope to see you in Sri Lanka in September and I am looking forward to listening to, and learning from, the diverse range of papers typically received by ICOSS.

All my best,

Tim Allender