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Max 41% OFF Women's Love Necklace security Double 8-Word Gold Plated Chain Clavicle

Women's Love Necklace, Double 8-Word Gold Plated Clavicle Chain,


Women's Love Necklace, Double 8-Word Gold Plated Clavicle Chain,

Product description


Name: 2021 new ladies necklace

Material: S925 silver

Gem material: zircon

Pendant size: 25.8mm * 10.8mm

1.2mm O-word chain: 18 inches long

Weight: about 3.49g

Suitable for: wedding, daily, party, leisure, dance, school, masquerade, party, festival

Packaging: Gift box

Wear and care: When wearing the product, use as few other items as possible and wipe to keep it shiny

Women's Love Necklace, Double 8-Word Gold Plated Clavicle Chain,

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